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Training Workshops are designed to train everyday disciples in everyday life. Each workshop is 11-12 weeks long and each week’s class is designed to last 75 minutes, with approximately 30 minutes dedicated to teaching and another 30-45 minutes to small group discussion. These workshops will be a great way to not only learn and grow personally but to also get to know others you don’t know or those you do know better. Each workshop has a short book to read and three to four personal studies are provided each week to take individuals deeper into Scripture and to supplement the content introduced and taught in the study. The cost for the class is $10 to offset the cost of materials.

Classes offered beginning this Fall are:

·    How to Study the Bible

·    The Story of the Bible

Times offered are:

·    Sundays at 9 AM

·    Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

Classes begin September 19. Sign up HERE.

Any questions can be sent to Pastor Scott at

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